My practice has many parents and is constantly evolving. The approach is playful and minimalist in nature so the intention is not to create longer to do lists. Instead it offers a lightness and freedom for you to focus on the essential.

In corporate speak it is agile (nimble and focus on you over process). The purpose is to facilitate a conversation with yourself that allows you to experience yourself in a different way. Depending on where you are on your life journey different themes may arise. It is not about me posing clever questions. It is much more listening for what you would like to ask yourself. At its core, it offers simplicity and is ultimately about slowing down the conversation to allow you to truly hear your mind, body and soul.

At the speeds at which we live and in an era of distractions, it is hard to hear much at all. It is often only when we step out of time that many people realise what it is they truly need to talk about. Unlike many approaches, my philosophy is not centred around goals but more guiding visions. In my experience, goals emerge as a consequence of something else. They are a means, not an end. The question is more who are you becoming?

Principles & Values

Authenticity: I am committed to being true to myself and genuine with others.

Connecting: I am passionate about nurturing relationships, building communities and engaging with the natural world around me.

Curiosity: In line with my motto, “Be Curious. Think Differently,” my quest is to continually unearth fresh perspectives and questions. As in Zen, curiosity for me is not so much about necessarily seeking answers to specific questions or accumulating knowledge, but rather about fostering a deep, open-ended awareness and attentiveness to the present moment. It is ultimately about focusing on finding better questions – it is only once we find the questions that we concern ourselves with answers.

Empowering: I love seeing people get insights and then acting upon them.

Minimalism: I focus on the essential, eliminating excess and clutter in all forms—material, mental and emotional— to make space for what truly matters.

Non-attachment: I aim not to become overly attached to any specific narrative about myself or the world. This enables me to adapt and respond as situations and challenges evolve.

Non-judgment: I practice radical acceptance. While I acknowledge that my view of the world is inevitably distorted, I endeavor not to consciously add to these distortions and to progressively recognise unconscious biases.

Presence: I value the power of the present moment. It is the only place we ever live. It thus feels important to slow down so as to fully show up and be open to what is.

Playfulness: Today is not yesterday. What worked yesterday may not work today. Certainty is optimised for the past whereas experimentation and playfulness allow us to explore the world as we find it rather than how it is meant to be.