You will find the various biographical details on my LinkedIn profile but in terms of Board membership I would highlight my law degree and Masters along with my coaching Masters and work empowering leaders to be make more informed decisions. That work helps people start asking bigger questions, think more deeply and unlock new opportunities.

As Einstein said, “If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask…

Once you have the proper question it is easier to make smarter decisions and to ensure energy and resources are optimized and that the outcomes are ones that truly benefit the organisation.

Professional Background

I have experience as a project manager, in management, leading a start-up and running my own businesses for over two decades. As a result of this, I am highly financially literate and very comfortable with financial statements and reports of all kinds. I have also served in a series of leadership capacities for non-profits in recent years and continue to do so including as a Vice-Chair and Trustee of two registered charities in Ireland. I also mentor leaders in other charities.

Critical Thinking

My fascination with thinking environments actually started as a teen on the school debating team. Debating forces one to set emotions aside, dissect complex issues and build sound arguments. This led almost directly to a degree and Master’s in law, which served to hone my analytical skills as well as build a strong understanding of legal frameworks. More recently, my coaching studies and work have added significant depth to how I pay attention and what I question, which is particularly helpful in understanding risk.

Adaptability and Multidisciplinary Insights

My studies in law, IT and coaching, coupled with living and working in multiple countries and through a series of languages, have cultivated my adaptability and ability to integrate diverse perspectives, crucial for navigating the multifaceted challenges faced by boards.

Effective Communication and Engagement

My life experience, and particularly my coaching journey, has equipped me with very strong communication and inter-personal skills, vital for engaging effectively with stakeholders and fostering a collaborative board environment.

Innovative Problem-Solving and Strategizing

Inspired by my curiosity and extensive reading, I am happy bringing “silly questions” and unorthodox approaches and ideas to the table, leveraging my broad knowledge base to address complex challenges creatively.