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The Time Academy Podcast asks questions of our relationship with time.

Big ones and small ones but questions nonetheless.

For example, how did this podcast become your priority just now?

You may think, “this is not my priority” and yet surely our priorities are what we do, not what we say or think?

In fact, stepping back a little, how did you decide to allocate your time throughout your day today as you switched from one priority to another?

The podcast won’t likely offer many answers, but it will hopefully offer different questions. And let’s be honest – if you are not comfortable with questions this podcast may not be for you. Similarly, if you are just seeking ready answers, you’ll probably find insight elsewhere.

For me, possibility comes not from seeking answers but from learning to ask better questions and that ultimately is the purpose of this podcast.

Possibility comes not from seeking answers but from learning to ask better questions!

Season 1 offers a series of short reflections released every 2 weeks. I’ll share some of my own insights but most importantly I’ll leave you with some questions that might offer a slightly different perspective. Each episode will cover one topic and as befits a reflection on time will only last a few minutes but will hopefully echo for some time thereafter!

If you find the reflections useful, please share them. I would also love to get your feedback and hear your stories so please feel free to email me at hello @ tomoleary.ie

Episode 5 – Not all Hours Are Created Equal (Released on Friday 9th December)

Not all hours are created equal and yet we often act as if they are, randomly scheduling activities throughout the day.

And yet this seemingly simple task of scheduling what when can have a direct impact on the outcome.

Episode 4 – Hard Work and Morality

The hard work mantra so prized by many may no longer be fit for purpose for modern knowledge workers.

Different attitudes and approaches to work may be more beneficial depending on what outcomes are being sought.

Episode 3 – Productivity and Not Being Enough

Ever feel like no matter how much you do there is still so much more to get done?

For many people, to-do lists are eternal with the focus on what hasn’t been done creating a sense of being incomplete, of not being enough.

Episode 2 – Thinking About Timescales

Playing with timescales allows you to create a vision (set a goal if you like) in one timescale and then focus on processes in the shorter ones (habits, routines, rituals).

Episode 1 – What Represents a Good Life for You?

This may feel a little off topic for a podcast primarily delving into time and productivity but the truth is that we spend much of our time, energy and attention answering this question in our daily actions.