Celtic Irish Sense of Time

Having spent over 20 years in Spain and seen the increasingly busyness of that culture and of the Irish culture, I am curious as to what echoes of the old Irish Celtic sense of time still exist in the Irish community worldwide (both those born in Ireland and born into Irish families). Cultures are continually evolving and in so doing let go of practices from the past. Some for the better, but perhaps not all.

Not enough to show for how tired you feel?

Your invisible workload may offer part of the answer.

The invisible workload is a combination of:
– The mental and emotional load from activities like anticipating and worrying, planning and coordinating, remembering and monitoring, not to mention managing other people’s emotions and egos; and
– The countless microtasks these generate.

Unlike regular tasks, the invisible workload usually doesn’t make it on any to do list and yet can take up a significant amount of your life and energy.

What is your morning routine?

The wonderful gift we receive each morning is a blank canvas on which to paint our day. So what are the first things you put on that canvas? In short, what is your morning routine?

Some people start with coffee, others with their inbox and still others with a morning run! Some people don’t have any. There is clearly no one right routine but there probably are ways of better preparing for whatever a particular day has in store for us. This is clear from the writings of poets and philosophers as far back as ancient Greece and Rome.

The Time Academy project asks questions of our relationship with time.

What question do you not want to be asked?

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