How might you or your organisation benefit from:

  • Cultivating more insightful decision-making.
  • Fostering critical soft skills including but not limited to self-awareness, empathy, attention, creativity and problem-solving.
  • Thinking more deeply and broadly about all aspects of life, work and business so as to maximise available opportunities and optionality and balance short and long-term (KPIs vs. 5-year strategy).

The common thread is truly unleashing your own curiosity so that you can foster your critical soft skills and take your journey to the next level.

If you feel there is value in this for you, please read through the various proposed options. I have worked with some clients for hours and others for years so only you can decide what exactly will benefit you.

Furthermore, every set of circumstances is different so your needs will inevitably evolve over time. The options are designed to be flexible so please consider each as possible building blocks rather than as the finished article.

Decision Coaching Sessions

Are you grappling with a particular situation or decision? Feel stuck?

Not sure where to turn?

I offer a number of discounted decision coaching slots every week so consider booking one now!

  • Our conversation will allow you to unlock insights as to what is truly important and move you towards a more insightful decision.
  • Rest assured, our conversation will remain completely confidential, providing a safe space for you to say what needs to be said.
  • Do not remain stuck. Book a decision coaching call and get clarity on what truly matters!

    Thinking Partnership

    Monthly Membership: Individual

    • Outcome: Helping busy individuals make more insightful decisions, foster critical soft skills and thereby embrace their inner Zen.
      • It is therefore highly practical and tactical in nature and is built around weekly Insight Calls (45-minute Zoom calls).
      • These calls provide an opportunity to work through whatever challenge or decision is top of mind with a view to unlocking key insights whilst in tandem working on core soft skills in real time.
      • This is supplemented by ongoing email support and a longer monthly Reflection Call (75-minute Zoom calls) where we focus on the bigger picture to ensure your day-to-day work remains aligned. This call focuses on long term visions, strategies and opportunities in the work realm whilst also providing an opportunity to check in on broader soft skill development and the overall balance in your life.
      • Between calls, I will continue working on your behalf to identity additional insights that may be of benefit.

    Monthly Membership: Teams

    • Outcome: Enhancing decision-making and leadership capability across the team whilst ensuring the team stays focused on longer-term visions and shorter-term targets.
      • This comprises weekly Insight Calls with each leader to explore the individual challenges they are facing and help foster their decision-making and key leadership soft skills.
      • This is supplemented by ongoing email support and two monthly Reflection Calls:
        • A Reflection Call with the senior leader to review progress and reflect on the bigger picture.
        • A Reflection Call with the whole management team to focus on whatever big or small picture theme feels most important right now whilst also building team cohesion.
      • Between calls, I will continue working on your behalf to gain deeper insights into the larger contexts in which the team and the organisation operate.

    Annual Membership: Unlimited Next Day Calls!

    • If you want the option of unlimited next (week)day calls as and when you need them, this may be for you.
    • Calls can also be both shorter or longer and much more informal (Zoom or phone / WhatsApp…).
    • Benefit from working through any decision or challenge in a more timely manner.
    • This is also a wonderful opportunity to truly pull out all the stops in terms of developing critical leadership soft skills.

      Longer-Term Partnerships

      Board Membership: Bringing Additional Insights to Your Governance

      The key attribute I bring to a board is my ability to help others see the world differently. This opens the door to deeper dialogue and more rounded decisions.

      Professional Background: I have experience as a project manager, in management, leading a start-up and running my own businesses for over two decades. As a result of this, I am highly financially literate and very comfortable with financial statements and reports of all kinds. I have also served in a series of leadership capacities for non-profits in recent years and continue to do so including as a Trustee for a National Charity in Ireland.

      Critical Thinking: My fascination with thinking environments actually started as a teen on the school debating team. Debating forces one to set emotions aside, dissect complex issues and build sound arguments. This led almost directly to a degree and Master’s in law, which served to hone my analytical skills as well as build a strong understanding of legal frameworks. More recently, my coaching studies and work have added significant depth to how I pay attention and what I question.

      Adaptability and Multidisciplinary Insights: My studies in law, IT and coaching, coupled with living and working in multiple countries and through a series of languages, have cultivated my adaptability and ability to integrate diverse perspectives, crucial for navigating the multifaceted challenges faced by boards.

      Effective Communication and Engagement: My life experience, and particularly my coaching journey, has equipped me with very strong communication and inter-personal skills, vital for engaging effectively with stakeholders and fostering a collaborative board environment.

      Innovative Problem-Solving and Strategising: Inspired by my curiosity and extensive reading, I am happy bringing “silly questions” and unorthodox approaches and ideas to the table, leveraging my broad knowledge base to address complex challenges creatively.

      Fractional Chief Insight Catalyst: Embedding Curiosity!

      We will work closely together to identify how we might embed curiosity at all levels of the organisation to help ensure everything you do is aligned with the overall vision. This means becoming crystal clear about desired outcomes, making smarter decisions, conserving energy and resources and accomplishing more of what truly matters.

      It means shining a light on every aspect of the organisational experience. You’ll find some sense of how I see questions in Leadership & Curiosity. Please take the time to read (i.e., scan) to the end as you’ll find a whole series of questions you can ask today!

      It means spending time each month working with senior leaders and key staff to help nurture the organisation’s culture and ensure alignment in terms of vision and values.

      It may also mean spending some time at your headquarters working alongside all levels of the organisation to get a sense for the true lived experience and for those questions that will make a difference.

      The actual content of this role will inevitably continually evolve as the organisation grows and changes.

      Suggested description for the role of Chief Insight Catalyst:

      The Chief Insight Catalyst role is all about changing the way an organisation thinks and makes decisions.

      It means creating a decision-making environment that helps continually further the broader organisational vision and objectives.

      It involves deconstructing choice architectures and understanding the complex factors that feed into decision-making throughout the organisation.

      It involves coaching key leaders to weave curiosity into the very fabric of the organisation’s culture and nurture their leadership soft skills.

      It also means teaming up with HR to identify the talent that will give the organisation an edge in a fluid world.

      Want to read more around this?

      This HBR Article may be of interest: Leaders, Make Curiosity the Core of Your Organizational Culture.

      Is this right for me?

      If you are reading this, I imagine you are at least curious about how we might work together. So, ask yourself:

      • What value do I see in working with Tom? Please write down what benefits you see.
      • What form of relationship would offer the most value?
      • How would I want to tailor it to fit my exact needs?
      • Am I truly ready to invest in this?
      • How comfortable am I investing a 4 to 5 figure sum?
      • If I pass on this opportunity, what alternatives might I consider?

      The key question then is: On a scale of 1 to 10, how right does this feel?

      If you are 8 or below, then ask yourself: What do I truly need?

      Regardless of the path you take, my invitation is to take a step on your journey to curiosity-inspired leadership. Become a more powerful decisionmaker and stronger leader. If you are indeed feeling a 9 or 10, feel free to book a chat now. If you do have any questions or need some clarification, we’re just an email away: hello @