If you are looking for something more tailored to you and/or your organisation I‘m going to suggest three basic modes just to get the conversation started. The basic variables are the intensity and duration of our work together. Both will be largely dictated by the value you feel will be derived from our relationship and the questions you are looking to explore. Clearly, the more and longer we work together the more value can be created.

Level 1: Big Picture Focus

  • Logistics: Two 60-minute monthly calls plus weekly email follow-up.
  • This is great for stepping back and reviewing the big picture.
    • What is your overall vision?
    • What strategy is in place to achieve that?
    • How is it being implemented?
    • What are your blind spots?
  • It allows you to look ahead to the key next steps, identifying barriers and opportunities and drawing lessons from recent experience.
  • It also provides some space to reflect upon structures and practices but because so much happens in life and business each week this frequency can be a little stop-start as more pressing matters are addressed.

Level 2: 360 View

  • Logistics: One 60-minute weekly call plus ongoing email support.
  • Thanks to the increased intensity, these calls also allow us to play with more timescales, balancing longer-term aspirations and strategies with nearer-term goals.
  • We can thus identify what might have most impact this week, visualising how the week might flow and playing with threats and opportunities while also drawing lessons from the past week.
  • It may also create an opportunity to work with more than one person within an organisation and/or go deeper into organisational strategies, structures, policies and practices.

Level 3: 720 View

  • Logistics: This is like having an in-house Chief Coaching Officer for an agreed number of days a month.
  • This provides an opportunity to look at the organisation from both the outside and the inside and to work with a broad range of people within the organisation.
  • This is when we can really start exploring vectors of productivity, creativity, motivation and satisfaction at all levels.
  • This is also an opportunity to ensure that all strategies and policies are being fully embraced and implemented at all levels and in that regard that stated values are aligned with lived values.