If you are looking for something more tailored to specific needs and/or the needs of your organisation then I‘m going to suggest three basic modes just to get the conversation started. The basic variable is the intensity of our work together and will be largely dictated by the value to be derived from our relationship, including time and money saved, increased motivation and satisfaction or simply greater clarity on priorities and possibilities!

Consultancy Mode:

  • One 90-minute monthly call.
  • This is a wonderful opportunity to build a vision of the key things you would like to have accomplished over the coming month, identifying barriers and opportunities and drawing lessons from the past month.
  • This mode is suitable for both individuals and organisations. Within organisational settings it also provides space in which to reflect upon structures and practices – in that regard this page may give some small sense of how value might be unlocked: Creating Outsized Value
  • It offers weekly email follow-up, detailing what has been accomplished and what the next steps are.

Partnership Mode:

  • One 60-minute weekly call.
  • Because of the increased intensity, these calls allow us to play with more timescales, looking at more longer-term aspirations and nearer-term goals.
  • We can thus identify what might have most impact this week, visualising how the week might flow and playing with threats and opportunities while also drawing lessons from the past week.
  • It may also create an opportunity to work with more than one person within an organisation and/or go deeper into organisational structures and practices.

Embedded Mode:

  • This is like having me as an employee for a day a month and is more attuned to an organisational setting where I would engage with people across the organisation.
  • In this mode, I set aside a full day a month. In practice, this works out at up to 4 hours of calls with time also set aside for reading, reflection and feedback. Extra days can be added over the month up to one day a week.
  • This is when we can really start exploring vectors of productivity, creativity, drive and satisfaction at all levels of the organisation.