23 03, 2023

What Significant Decision Can You Make Today to Shape Your Legacy?


Reading time: <1 minuteThis is an edgy question for me and precisely because of that I am leaning into it. There can be a tendency to make our worlds too small, too tactical and big questions offer perspective. They can also give permission to trim down the to-do list and focus on the essential. The whole idea of legacy puts our lives into perspective and in itself invites bigger questions. Whether we think about it or not we will leave some legacy, so what might it be? I’m not sure it necessarily has to be something grandiose that we leave [...]

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22 03, 2023

What If, Instead of Having a To-Do List, You Had a To-Accomplish List?


Reading time: 2 minutesHere is an extract from an email I just sent a colleague in response to some queries around this topic. If you want to explore this further the current episode of the podcast dives deeper. “I find it helpful to think in terms of different timeframes (say today and three months from now at end-June). From a practical perspective, today is the only day we ever get anything done so becoming truly deliberate about everything we do and asking broad questions like "How would I like my day to flow?" or "What are my top priorities today?" [...]

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15 03, 2023

Reflection-Action Cycle


Reading time: 1 minuteThe idea behind the reflection-action approach is to break the steady focus on getting things done and focus more on what it is we want to accomplish. To put it into plain English: Take Stock….. ….then….. ….Take Action... and rinse and repeat. It all starts with aspirations - a vision if you like. It can help to break with the present moment by physically placing ourselves in that future. A random opening question might be: "As you think about your ideal future in say 5 years, what images, feelings, or sounds come to mind that inspire and [...]

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28 02, 2023

LinkedIn Posts and AI


Reading time: <1 minuteWould you read this if you knew it were written by #ChatGPT? I don't know about you but I love checking out thoughtful posts on LinkedIn. It allows me to see different perspectives and get a sense for how the author views the world and of my own blind spots / potential biases. As a community, it is also a way of building relationships. The dramatic rise of ChatGPT and its cousins raises some real questions. I should say that I use the system on a reasonably regular basis and it does a whole series of tasks [...]

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18 01, 2023

What if You Died Yesterday?


Reading time: <1 minuteWhat if you died yesterday and today were the first day of your rebirth? What would you do differently? I ask myself these questions every morning and this morning my response was to make the most of yesterday's rare snowfall in this part of the world. So the kids stayed at home and rambled through the fields making all sorts of constructions and I got one of my hammocks out to lie in during my breaks. We only get one life and we live it one day at a time so let's make the most of each [...]

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