Time Perception

2 09, 2023

What Is Time?


I was recently asked this question and here is my answer: This is a truly eternal question. Humans have likely been pondering on this question for countless generations and likely will for countless more. Isn’t this humbling? Amazing? Exciting? It also probably means that this question doesn’t have any ready [...]

What Is Time?2023-09-02T09:34:10+01:00
5 04, 2022

Does Time = Experience?


Reading time: 2 minutes The question for us all is can we alter our experience of what we see as less meaningful activities and create more positive and memorable moments? How we perceive time has a significant impact on our day-to-day lives and more broadly on public policy. Research suggests [...]

Does Time = Experience?2023-04-14T14:20:58+01:00
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