12 07, 2023

How Seriously Do We Take Our Decisions?


There are clearly times when we need to make the right decision first time out. Tiger runs at you. Scampering up the tree seems like a good enough decision! If you make the wrong decision, chances are you won’t get a second chance. There is understandably a lot of pressure and [...]

How Seriously Do We Take Our Decisions?2024-04-08T18:28:41+01:00
14 03, 2022

Managing Your Invisible Workload: A Short Guide


Reading time: 5 minutes Introduction The invisible workload represents a collection of mental and emotional tasks that are likely not on your to-do list but still consume a significant amount of your time, energy and attention. This article discusses the various components of the invisible workload and provides possible strategies [...]

Managing Your Invisible Workload: A Short Guide2023-04-06T09:17:02+01:00
21 08, 2020

Slowing Down to Speed Up!!


Reading Time: < 1 minute This pandemic is likely to be a watershed in many respects. There is a real sense of a before and an after, of nothing ever being quite the same. Obviously, only time will tell if that is true. Amidst all the noise, the one thing [...]

Slowing Down to Speed Up!!2023-04-06T10:14:05+01:00
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