Slowing Down

1 09, 2023

What If I’ve Lost My Passion For Everything?


I was recently asked this question and here is my answer: I am going to a funeral of a friend’s dad shortly, so my first thought is: “Are we not privileged to feel anything?” These lines from Rumi’s The Guest House - regarding the new arrivals that come unexpectedly into [...]

What If I’ve Lost My Passion For Everything?2023-09-01T11:31:26+01:00
23 07, 2020

Slowing Down and Going Deep


Reading Time: < 1 minute As you read this I would just invite you to pause for a second. Take a breath, relax and come fully in!!! If I have learned anything from Covid it is of the benefit of slowing down. Taking those extra breaths. Doing short mindfulness practices. [...]

Slowing Down and Going Deep2023-04-06T10:21:25+01:00
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