30 08, 2023

How Might I Build a Strong Mind?


I was recently asked this question and here is my answer: The path to mastery in any field requires relentless practice. So, let’s practice: What is wrong with the mind you have? What does a “strong mind” mean to you? What does “smarter” look like in practice? Imagine you are looking [...]

How Might I Build a Strong Mind?2023-08-30T08:54:45+01:00
5 07, 2023

The Parable of the Chinese Farmer


This is the Story of the Chinese Farmer as told by Alan Watts. It isn't clear if this was originally a Chinese parable or invented by Alan Watts to make the point that it is really impossible to tell whether anything that happens is good or bad. The question I have [...]

The Parable of the Chinese Farmer2023-08-29T14:03:03+01:00
30 06, 2022

What Question Am I Not Asking?


Reading time: <1 minute There are obviously an infinite number of answers to this question, which in itself is wonderful because you will likely get something different each time you ask it. Each morning I ask myself a series of questions as I visualise my day. The list does change [...]

What Question Am I Not Asking?2023-04-14T14:13:17+01:00
22 07, 2021

Are You Getting the Right Things Done?


Reading Time: <1 minute We live in a busy world with constant interruption but a lot of the time we confuse busyness and productivity. Busyness is about getting lots done. Productivity is about getting the right things done. Working out what is right for each of [...]

Are You Getting the Right Things Done?2023-04-06T09:57:27+01:00
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