21 07, 2023

What Are Your Thoughts on Existential Risk?


I was recently asked this question, and this is what I wrote: I am always interested in the worldview and thinking process behind any question. A reasonable assumption in this instance would be that it is written from a human perspective and hence concerns itself with existential risk for humans. As [...]

What Are Your Thoughts on Existential Risk?2023-07-21T08:00:59+01:00
5 07, 2023

The Parable of the Chinese Farmer


This is the Story of the Chinese Farmer as told by Alan Watts. It isn't clear if this was originally a Chinese parable or invented by Alan Watts to make the point that it is really impossible to tell whether anything that happens is good or bad. The question I have [...]

The Parable of the Chinese Farmer2023-08-29T14:03:03+01:00
30 06, 2023

The Cult of Certainty


What are you certain of? In work and at play I am encountering ever more certainty. Opinions are becoming facts. This feels strange in a world that is experiencing such rapid change. In practice, certainty represents the death of questions. No questioning means no creativity and innovation. Indeed, purely from [...]

The Cult of Certainty2023-07-06T07:08:40+01:00
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