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11 01, 2022

Feel Stuck in a Time Management Loop?


Reading Time: 10 minutes Key messages: - Having strong time management principles allows you to protect your time and energy from other people's priorities. - Whatever your principles, stick to them! Time management seems to offer a path to ever-increasing productivity and yet is highly limited in what it can [...]

Feel Stuck in a Time Management Loop?2023-09-06T08:47:03+01:00
15 11, 2021

Download FREE Time Templates!


Reading Time: 3 minutes I have used a host of diary and energy management systems over the years. My feeling is that all systems need to be continually tweaked because our needs and challenges are continually changing. Nothing is going to last forever so please keep that in mind. The [...]

Download FREE Time Templates!2023-04-06T09:27:13+01:00
10 11, 2021

7-Minute Time Primer!


Key messages: - You are unique! Just because some productivity system works for someone else doesn't mean it will work for you today! - Accomplishment beats busyness! There has been an avalanche of productivity books and content over the past decade. Indeed, the last time I checked Amazon had over [...]

7-Minute Time Primer!2023-08-15T10:50:08+01:00
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