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21 08, 2023

Are You a Complainer?


I like to think I don't complain all that much because I don't really see the purpose or benefit. And yet, this morning I found myself settling into a conversation that revolved around complaining about people who complain too much. I know 😬 We caught ourselves reasonably early, but it nevertheless [...]

Are You a Complainer?2023-08-29T14:02:27+01:00
26 01, 2021

Are Goals Simply Homework for Your Future Self?


Reading Time: 2 minutes I’ve had clients who came to me with hundreds of “goals” spread across countless wish lists. The lists kept growing as new goals outpaced achievement. While a powerful motivator for many, goals can become a statement that you are currently in some way incomplete and will [...]

Are Goals Simply Homework for Your Future Self?2023-04-06T10:04:05+01:00
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