6 06, 2023

Why Am I Asking This Question?


I have recently had the privilege of attending a number of inspiring conferences. These experiences left me brimming with a host of fresh ideas and deep insights but also a little concern. That concern relates to how we, as humans, ask questions. How a question is framed and worded inevitably [...]

Why Am I Asking This Question?2024-04-08T18:33:18+01:00
22 03, 2023

What If, Instead of Having a To-Do List, You Had a To-Accomplish List?


Reading time: 2 minutes Here is an extract from an email I just sent a colleague in response to some queries around this topic. If you want to explore this further the current episode of the podcast dives deeper. “I find it helpful to think in terms of different timeframes [...]

What If, Instead of Having a To-Do List, You Had a To-Accomplish List?2023-04-14T13:17:12+01:00
18 01, 2023

What if You Died Yesterday?


Reading time: <1 minute What if you died yesterday and today were the first day of your rebirth? What would you do differently? I ask myself these questions every morning and this morning my response was to make the most of yesterday's rare snowfall in this part of the world. [...]

What if You Died Yesterday?2023-04-14T13:17:18+01:00
3 06, 2022

Time as a Conversation on Possibility


Reading time: 2 minutes Aside from a call or two, I set aside most of my Fridays to catching up with myself. This morning started in the early hours with a reflection on the week followed by Yoga Nidra. I then really felt called to slow down even further in [...]

Time as a Conversation on Possibility2024-04-08T17:36:36+01:00
22 03, 2022

Can Time be Lost?


The question of “Can time be lost?” came up recently in conversation. The feeling was that once you lose control over how you “spend” your time it is in essence lost. The examples given were being stuck in traffic or kept waiting for an appointment. Clearly very few of us would [...]

Can Time be Lost?2024-04-08T17:29:24+01:00
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