Energy Management

28 08, 2023

How Should I Manage My Time?


I was recently asked this question and here is my answer: What if, instead of managing your time, you thought in terms of managing your commitments? As indicated in your question, it isn’t just about the time but more about the energy you can bring to everything you are doing. As [...]

How Should I Manage My Time?2023-08-30T08:58:23+01:00
13 04, 2023

How Might I Find More Rest During the Day?


Reading time: <2 minutesI ask myself this question every morning. The idea for me is to become more aware of times in which I may be trying 'too hard' or ‘too intensely’ at something – this can be anything from a task to a relationship. This then leads to the question [...]

How Might I Find More Rest During the Day?2023-06-30T07:58:18+01:00
17 08, 2020

Energy, Energy, Energy!!!


Reading Time: < 1 minute It was only this week that I finally realised that the concept of energy vampire (someone who drains other people’s emotional energy) not only applies to people but also to companies, organisations and indeed public services. I’ve been working with people recently whose employers have [...]

Energy, Energy, Energy!!!2023-04-06T10:14:13+01:00
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