13 06, 2023

Living a Balanced Life


In our late 20s, my wife and I went through a period working in Brussels in stressful jobs that demanded long hours. It was like a hamster wheel, and we felt life was stagnating. Weekends were really just about recovering for next week and holidays were purely to escape from the [...]

Living a Balanced Life2023-06-30T07:55:46+01:00
6 06, 2023

Why Am I Asking This Question?


I have recently had the privilege of attending a number of inspiring conferences. These experiences left me brimming with a host of fresh ideas and deep insights but also a little concern. That concern relates to how we, as humans, ask questions. How a question is framed and worded inevitably conditions [...]

Why Am I Asking This Question?2023-06-30T07:57:07+01:00
13 04, 2023

How Might I Find More Rest During the Day?


Reading time: <2 minutesI ask myself this question every morning. The idea for me is to become more aware of times in which I may be trying 'too hard' or ‘too intensely’ at something – this can be anything from a task to a relationship. This then leads to the question [...]

How Might I Find More Rest During the Day?2023-06-30T07:58:18+01:00
15 03, 2023

Reflection-Action Cycle


Reading time: 1 minute The idea behind the reflection-action approach is to break the steady focus on getting things done and focus more on what it is we want to accomplish. To put it into plain English: Take Stock….. ….then….. ….Take Action... and rinse and repeat. It all starts with [...]

Reflection-Action Cycle2023-09-15T07:25:59+01:00
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