13 06, 2023

Living a Balanced Life


In our late 20s, my wife and I went through a period working in Brussels in stressful jobs that demanded long hours. It was like a hamster wheel, and we felt life was stagnating. Weekends were really just about recovering for next week and holidays were purely to escape from the [...]

Living a Balanced Life2023-06-30T07:55:46+01:00
6 06, 2023

Why Am I Asking This Question?


I have recently had the privilege of attending a number of inspiring conferences. These experiences left me brimming with a host of fresh ideas and deep insights but also a little concern. That concern relates to how we, as humans, ask questions. How a question is framed and worded inevitably [...]

Why Am I Asking This Question?2024-04-08T18:33:18+01:00
29 04, 2023

Beautiful Questions


Life can get busy! Busyness can then breed busyness to the point that we’re not sure why we’re doing what we’re doing or indeed who it is we have become. Very few people can fully answer these questions but the important thing is to keep asking the questions! In fact, [...]

Beautiful Questions2023-09-05T13:55:07+01:00
13 04, 2023

How Might I Find More Rest During the Day?


Reading time: <2 minutesI ask myself this question every morning. The idea for me is to become more aware of times in which I may be trying 'too hard' or ‘too intensely’ at something – this can be anything from a task to a relationship. This then leads to the question [...]

How Might I Find More Rest During the Day?2023-06-30T07:58:18+01:00
15 03, 2023

Reflection-Action Cycle


Reading time: 1 minute The idea behind the reflection-action approach is to break the steady focus on getting things done and focus more on what it is we want to accomplish. To put it into plain English: Take Stock….. ….then….. ….Take Action... and rinse and repeat. It all starts with [...]

Reflection-Action Cycle2023-09-15T07:25:59+01:00
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