Thinking Partner: Let's Create Some Headspace!

How Can I Be of Service?

One point I feel it is important to emphasize at the outset is that while what you are about to read may seem fuzzy or theoretical at times – “Am I right in saying that we will basically talk?” – it is by its nature highly practical. This means that, as we move from call to call, you should feel the benefits and experience immediate impact through thinking differently, behaving differently and doing things differently as a result of what you have learnt.

And yet, the times that are truly special are often those days when there is nothing particular to talk about. These can be more playful in nature and, because of this, magic can happen and unimagined insights reveal themselves.

As with any menu, any of the options can be tweaked to suit your particular needs. And yet, as the options are based on the intensity and frequency at which we might work together, they should give you some sense of how we might work together:

  • Decision Coaching Immersive:
    • This is intended to discuss a particular issue (or often a person) with which (whom) you are grappling – to shift you towards clarity and action.
    • We will work through it across two calls.
    • The first call – 2 hours long – is intended to ensure nothing is left unsaid.
    • I like to think of this as like a half-day course. Really helpful and important at the time but it doesn’t echo all that much over time.
    • Feel helpful? Book now!
  • Thinking Partner – Scheduled Calls:
    • This is a quarterly commitment and is intended to help you create headspace in your diary each and every week.
    • It is a perfect way of both taking stock and reflecting on the challenges ahead.
    • I think of this as more like a Diploma. Not only will you get support with ongoing challenges, but you will likely build some key soft skills that will benefit you for years to come. And yet, because we only meet for a limited amount of time per week, a lot can be left on the table.
  • Thinking Partner – Unlimited Calls:
    • This ups the commitment to a year and allows us to schedule calls every weekday not only to explore ongoing challenges but also to work on any aspect of your mindset and thinking environment.
    • As mentioned above, this also offers scope for calls on days when there is nothing particular to be said, which is precisely when the deepest conversations can be had.
    • To my mind, this is the equivalent of a Masters’ Degree.

See below for a deep dive on each of the options.

What Does Tom Offer?

In working with Tom, I will have the opportunity to:

  • Cultivate more insightful decision-making, from the simplest choice to the weightiest decision.
  • Think more deeply and broadly about everything, to unlock possibility and opportunities and increase optionality.
  • Foster critical soft skills as part of an ongoing journey of personal and professional mastery.
  • Build a mindset that allows me to thrive in every aspect of my life.
  • Live more deeply in each moment.

Want to hear more?

Ask Yourself: Is This Right for Me?

Working together would be expensive. Up to a 5-figure sum per annum!

It would also require a commitment in terms of time and energy.

It would require the courage to be open to being challenged.

It would require a desire to continually do better.


So, let’s be clear:

  • What value do I see in working with Tom?
  • Imagine we’re chatting in three years, and you tell me your world has been transformed: How is it different?
  • Am I truly ready to invest in this?
  • If I pass on this opportunity, what alternatives might I consider?

The key question then is: On a scale of 1 to 10, how right does this feel?

If you are 8 or below, my invitation is to take maximum advantage of the free content on this site to become more curious and expand how you think.

I also endeavour to answer every email so if you have any queries do reach out – you will find my address if you are curious. Your future self will thank you!

Deep Dive on the Various Options

Decision Coaching Immersive

Are you grappling with a particular situation or decision? Feel stuck? Not sure where to turn?

  • I offer a number of decision coaching immersives every month for new clients who are grappling with a particular issue or set of issues and want to think it through.

  • Our conversations (initial call plus follow-up call) will allow you to unlock insights as to what is truly important and move you towards a more insightful decision.
  • Do not remain stuck. Create some headspace!

Thinking Partner – Scheduled Calls!

  • Outcome: Helping busy individuals make more insightful decisions and foster critical thinking skills.
    • This is a quarterly membership.
    • It is intended to be highly practical and tactical in nature and is built around weekly calls.
    • Most weeks these consist of Insight Calls (45-minute Zoom calls). These are intended to allow us to work through whatever challenge or decision is top of mind with a view to unlocking key insights, whilst in tandem working on core thinking skills in real time.
    • These calls could be split into 2 calls a week (say 30-minutes and 15-minutes each) should that work better for you.
    • One week a month this is supplemented by a longer Reflection Call (75-minute Zoom calls). This call focuses on the bigger picture to ensure that your day-to-day aligns with the longer-term vision and strategies and that possible opportunities are being identified. It also allows us to check in on broader soft skill development and the overall balance in your life.
    • Between calls, I offer ongoing email support and will continue working on your behalf to identity additional insights that may be of benefit.
    • The idea is that we work together for periods of 3 months. If there are holidays breaks during a particular period that prevent us from working together, the end date may be extended accordingly.

Thinking Partner – Unlimited Calls!

  • Outcome: Have ongoing access as and when you need it.
    • This is an annual membership.
    • Next day calls as and when you need them (weekdays only and up to one call a day).
    • Calls can be shorter or longer and much more informal (Zoom or phone / WhatsApp…).
    • Work through any decision or challenge in a more timely manner.
    • Continually refine key thinking and other soft skills.
    • Explore other learning opportunities as they arise.
    • Annual membership assumes that there will be holiday breaks at various times during the year. In practice we will likely work together for approximately 10 out of the 12 months. This package is priced accordingly. In any event, the end date can always be extended should this be necessary.