Month One

Time: 1 * 90 minute calls followed by 5 * 60 minute calls.

The programme will start by painting a clear picture of how you would like to use your time. We will contrast this with what you are currently doing and what role your life and work practices are playing. In addition to this, we will look at your mindset and behaviours and the environments in which you live and work. This will give you tangible benefits by discovering the root causes of your lack of time, creating a clear vision for the future that encompasses work and family and learning to stay focused on those priorities no matter what.

By the end of the First Month you will:

  • Finally discover the root causes of your lack of time and exactly what and who is sucking it from you.
  • Sculpt a vision of your future that is so clear you feel you can touch it.
  • Uncover the conflicting aspirations tripping you up every time.
  • Walk out with a personal micro-goal blueprint so you know exactly what to focus on and why.

      Month Two

      Time: 5 * 60 minute calls.

      Turn positive changes into hard fast habits in Month Two as you start to understand the deeper mechanisms governing your use of time. This month is about unlocking those deeper reasons and giving you the power to change them.

      By the end of the Second Month you will:

      • Understand how you are contributing to your lack of time.
      • Finally feel more in control of your time and understand how exactly to slow down time when you choose.
      • Have learnt how to stay focused on your priorities no matter what.
      • Have created new habits that will transform your life.
      • Be creating more memorable moments.

      Month Three

      Time: 5 * 60 minute calls.

      This month centres on expanding your focus from your time to your energy and your attention so that not only will you do the right things but also at the right time. You will also learn how to increasingly protect yourself from environmental factors.

      By the end of the programme you will:

      • Have a clear view of how your time is being impacted by your environments and the people in them.
      • Have learnt how to protect yourself from distractions and interruptions.
      • Have learnt how to accomplish more by focusing not only on what to do but also when and where to do it.
      • Walk out with a personalised Time Guide highlighting how to maintain this momentum for the next 100 days.

      You have now finished the 100-Day Time Reset programme. Congratulations!! Take a moment to savour what is different for you now. If we were on a call I would ask you to visualise that and describe what you’re noticing about this new you. And yet, we don’t have to imagine too wildly – that new future could truly be yours in 100 days if you act now!


        We will meet every week consecutively for 16 weeks for an average of one hour each time. This is a highly hands-on practical programme so in total you should probably plan for a total of 3 hours a week.

        I know you’re busy but all I ask is that you give me those 3 hours a week for 4 weeks and by then I promise you will have freed up more time than that.

        Just imagine what you would do with that time!